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New Year, New Me

I do not know about you, but I had quite the year. From celebrity deaths, to horrific storms, and misfortune in personal affairs. And it all ended with the worst person being elected President. This will not be a post about the election for there have been well more than enough. But I would not be a proper American if I did not share my thoughts of our god-offal-leader… Hmm, I mean… President.

I just want to say I mean no dis-respect, or mean to bring any insult to anyone. But I must say our country has made quite the mistake in human history. I mean putting someone in office, control of our entire country, and leader of all leaders, who is greatly incompetent, immature, and unpresidently person in the who world is just the most stupidest thing I have ever witnessed in Human History.

That is all I have to say without any swear words, so I will move on.

Now to review 2016. Like I said before, it was quite the year. And I will warn you now, this is going to be a very, VERY long post, so if you have time to waste. I suggest for you to read on, if not… Pinterest is the place for you.

January 2016-

It started out amazing  by spending New Year’s with my ultimate Best Friend, Autumn and her family. They live in Arizona, Fountain Hills and it is gorgeous. Everyday was like waking up in paradise. Plus, Autumn gave me her bed to use which was about the size of her entire room (which is huge). They told me they lived in the lower class area… I was like girl, you got it good!

Practically the very minute I got off the plane, they took me this really cute light show in their town. It had a train ride that we absolutely took advantage of. After that, they took me around their town, then Sedona Red Rock, and lastly Scottsdale Mall/Old Scottsdale. Next to all my of my family events, it was one of the best times I have spent on a vacation.  I am going to try and go back May 2017, but we will wait and see.

The next big thing to happen in 2016 (for me) was the death the of the great Alan Rickman, and so many others that had pasted. I have to say Rickman was the biggest lost to me, because I have been reading the Harry Potter books and watching the movies since they both came out. They are part of my childhood, and the characters helped me grow. Hogwarts was my home, life, and childhood. Loosing the man who brought Snape to life (and death) was like loosing a part of my home, life, and childhood. Ill always miss him, and when I do, Ill watch all eight movies.

Continuing in the month of January still…

My cousin Pratt and his wife Melissa had their baby that October, and they were ready to share their son with us and God. So we all got invited to the christening. It was really cute, intimate, and big. Our family is big by ourselves, but we always forget about Melissa’s family. They are Lebanese, so they have an extremely big family, and a grocery list of traditions that are super fun and makes me a little jealous of their childhood.

Well since some cousins came into town for the christening they got to stay a little while and hang out with the rest of the family for a few more days. As a result, I had never been to a casino. Furthermore, my cousins felt the need to break my casino virginity and took me to Greektown Casino downtown Detroit. I think that they thought that I was not having a good time, but I was! I was no nervous to actually play anything without having them explaining something to me over my shoulder, or I would play, get a lot money, get cocky, and then loose it all. It was one of the best nights I have spent with them.

February 2016-

I was just kicked out of school from Western Michigan, and was in quite the slump. My dad has this friend who opened up a coffee shop downtown in Eastern Market, MI where homeless, poor, unemployed, whoever needed a paycheck can learn to be barista’s and serve coffee. They needed funding to build this place and run it. So they opened a charity event, and every time you buy a bag of coffee the money goes towards the coffee shop. It was super cool event, with amazing intentions. It was a good time with good people.

Unfortunately, things took a dark turn. I went back to Western for a visit, and it started great! I got to stay with my old roommate like the ‘good days’. We went out drinking, almost every night I was there, I helped them study in the study lounge with pizza at the wee hours of the night. Finally, we wanted to end it with a great movie so we were about to head out to the theater, and then go out and drink when my old RA came running out yelling ‘DON’T GO OUTSIDE! THERE  WAS A SHOOTING!’ We stayed in and watched movies on Netflix, in the dorms where it was safe. I got a thousand calls from people who thought I was still going to school there asking if I was okay.

While I was visiting Western I was doing some research on a school that I remember from high school. Not knowing that this school was the school that really made an enormous impact on my life, I sat down with my parents, and told them that I really would like to apply. I did, and got a call from a guidance counselor asking me to come in. Ten minutes later I was accepting into Specs Howard School of Media Art. This was the day, when things took a turn for the better. When I would meet seven amazing people, that would make 2016 less terrible, less lonely, and less sad. Reboot! DMA 3-16! (a shout out to my peeps from class)

As the world knows, since I don’t let people forget, I work at the Detroit Zoo as a Mascot. My job is to make kids experience more memorable, and cheerful (given that they enjoy big, fluffy, costumes with scary faces). As one of the pleasures I get from working at the Detroit Zoo, I get first looks at most of the new stuff they get so I can say how cool and awesome they are. That also means, I get to know when we are getting new furry friends at the Zoo or not. When I heard we were getting a new penguin house I was over the moon! I was so happy, because the old one was grouse, and waaaay too small. So now that we have a new home for our little tuxedo birds I am very happy to say that I am a worker of one of the only Zoo’s that care mainly about the animals happiness more so than the audiences feelings.

April 2016-

Small things happened in this month, but I remember one thing specifically in my head. From this month, it has been a whole year of friendship with a person who I feel I have been friends with for forever. Destiny Allie. Not only was she one of the first people I had met at Western, she made the whole experience that much better and I can not imagine it without her. She is the funniest, sweetest, kindest person I have ever met.

May 2016-

This was a month where I had a good time, and then a terrible time. Thankfully, the happy time happened first. Or that good be worse…

Any who, as I am cursing through the year I got a chance to see a super funny, and creative play about the Detroit Hockey Team, then again, it wasn’t about them at all. It was about God wanted to destroy all of humanity again but, wants to keep one sport around (because we can’t live without sports) so, the misfits of the hockey world have to convince God not to destroy Hockey. As I said before, it was super funny, and a great time. Oh yea, also, another best budd of mine was in the play! And he killed it! He was so good! a network needs to pick him up right away because he is super good.

The terrible thing that happened was I lost a friend this month. Fortunately, he was not injured. Let me take you back a bit. In the summer of 2015, Roda needed a place to stay because so my family offered him our house to stay till he found an apartment. He was moving from Ann Arbor to Berkley (if he had stayed with us) or near the Detroit area. He was suppose to let us know when he was in town, but failed to do so. A day goes by, and I decide to contact him. He does not answer. I got worried, but reassured by friends to not call the police. Finally, a week goes by and he sends me a message on Facebook saying that his sister was able to take him in after all.

So that was my first straw

Later that month my friend Marie got dumped by her year and a half boyfriend. So naturally, Roda, me and Marie all got together to talk about what happened and why. We were having a nice time when I noticed that Roda’s shorts were a little shorter than usual, so I pointed it out just to see if he had known about it. Marie took note of it, and agreed. We kind of kept going with it, and was not really seeing how it was effecting him. I want to make it clear, we were not making fun of him. But regardless, he took offense and stormed out of my house. Even after we sincerely apologized, he still felt the need to leave my house.

After all that I have put up with in the past, and what he had just pulled with staying with my family. I feel that he has no appreciation for our friendship, and he proved that by leaving and not speaking to Marie or me for eight months. He barley tried to hang out again around Halloween, but like I said there was barley any effort. I am mad that I had spent so many years friends with someone who was not taking as seriously as I was.

June 2016-

Now moving on to happier times, this is when the summer really got started and happy memories started!

I wanted to start the summer with a new face, and a new look. I cut all of my hair off. Went from a shoulder length to a pixie cut. It felt so freeing, but the reactions I was getting weren’t what I thought they were going to be. Some people really liked it, and some people…. Really did NOT like it. I didn’t care, I felt amazing in the new me.

It could not have come sooner, but finally Destiny, my dad, and I got to go camping for the first time that year at Mackinac City State Park! We had an amazing time on the Island! This would be her second time on the island, and we could not have had a better time. The weather was perfect, the beach was clean and pure, and the fudge was creamy and rich. Plus, personal time with Destiny was exactly what I had needed at that time. I always have the best time with her! We would have brought Arthur but he does not do well with camping.


The rest of the year pretty much goes like this, plus some amazing times with my class at Specs Howard. In an attempt to not go too long with this (too late) I am going to end it hear. If you had made it to the end I applaud you, if not… No worries. I hope you come back for more stories!





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The Start of Something New


I am just a simple girl, in a big world, who wants to share her stories. I am taking a new step in my creative life, and I would like to take you with me on my journey. Whenever you meet someone new, you have a small discussion to find out more about the each other. I would like to start by telling you my education background, and some career goals I have in mind.

My education background is a little extensive, but after high school I started at Oakland Community College. I was a liberal art student for about one year, and then I got into Western Michigan University and there, I was an Anthropology major French minor.  I was there for two and half  years when I realized that I was about four years into my college career, and was getting no where closer to where I wanted to be. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do, but I made a conscious decision of discontinuing my education at Western and starting back up at Specs Howard. Maybe sometime down the road Ill take some classes at a University and get an actual degree, but I’m in no rush.

I would like to go out and shoot videos, write stories, and meet new people when I am done with school. If I am working for a company, or if I am doing private work I don’t really have a preference at the moment. I can work with a big group of people, small group of people, and all by my lonesome. I am currently writing a couple stories while I’m in school, and I am starting to collaborate with my brother in California.

My dream is to work for SNL (Saturday Night Live). I am very comfortable in writing, but if I would be perfectly honest, I would love to be on stage, doing impressions, performing comedy. I am told that I am very funny, and I am very good at impressions. I personally can’t tell when I am being funny, or when I’m not funny until I’m in front of people. Which makes it kind of hard to practice comedy.

My major career goals thus far, are two first and for most, get an internship while making videos on the side. Next, would like to get a job to pay the bills. And then finally, being able to have the dream job all the while making creative projects on the side. If that all makes sense. Sometimes I’m not very clear. I also have a YouTube channel, emmadoppel, where I plan to post videos, sketches, vlogs, anything where I can connect with people.

Thank you for taking this step with me, and I hope you come back to hear more stories!

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